Software Defined Mobile Networks

Since the inception of telephony, hardware drove the technological progress. In the early 2000s, generally available CPU’s became cheap enough to enable the development of software-defined radio (SDR) technology and software telephony switches (softswitches). However, it took nearly 10 more years to combine these two technologies and create the first software-defined mobile network (SDMN).

A mobile network can be called “software-defined” if it uses SDR base stations and a software defined core network for both telephony and packet data. A software-defined mobile network needs to be implemented on commodity, non-proprietary hardware, including the radio and network infrastructure hardware. In addition, an SDMN should use off-the-shelf, non-proprietary operating systems.

We may be the first company to offer a complete software-defined mobile network, and we are convinced that this is the future of mobile infrastructure.

More on SDMN:

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